Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Triple Ready! By using Triple Ready (including by simply viewing content on Triple Ready.com (the “Site”), you are agreeing that you, and each person you allow to access Triple Ready through your account, will abide by the terms of the following User Agreement, which is summarized here, and set forth in its entirety below. This User Agreement is between you and Triple Ready (“We” or the “Company”), and it governs your access to and use of the services, websites, and applications offered by Triple Ready (the "Service"). Your access to and use of the Service is conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with this agreement.


Using Triple Ready, User Conduct, and Your Content                                                           

  • Anything you post on Triple Ready is public. So make sure you’re comfortable with the idea that anyone can view anything you post here.
  • You shouldn’t post any content or use our service to do anything illegal or malicious.
  • If it turns out any of your content or use is illegal or malicious, Triple Ready is not responsible — you’re responsible.
  • Please do not hack, attack, or copy Triple Ready or our services.
  • While we wouldn’t do it without good reason, ultimately Triple Ready may remove your content or terminate or suspend your account at its sole discretion.
  • If disputes arise between you and anyone other than Triple Ready, we have no obligation to participate or assist either party.

Licensing Agreements

You own the content that you create on Triple Ready, however Triple Ready may distribute or use that content in a variety of ways. Examples include:                               

  • Your post may be selected to be featured on another Triple Ready site by a staff member or editor
  • Any Triple Ready user can repost any content you create to their own Triple Ready blog, however it will link to your blog
  • If you post a favorable review of a company or its product, the company may pay us to feature your post across Triple Ready


You may see advertising in and around Triple Ready. In each of these cases, we aim to  respect your copyright and privacy and ensure you have an uncluttered experience.  Examples include:                      

  • We will insert ads in and around the Triple Ready platform and content experience where it makes sense, however, we will not place any ads on your blog
  • We will insert affiliate links into your content where it makes sense, however, if you insert your own affiliate codes then we won’t remove them
  • Your content may be used in ads with full credit and link back to you


We do our best to protect your personal information, and store it only as long as necessary. We do reserve the right to reveal your personal information if the law requires us to.                                                                  

Copyright Policy

Triple Ready respects the intellectual property rights of others and expects users and contributors to do the same. We will respond to notices of alleged copyright infringement where necessary.                                                                        

Warranty, Disclaimer, Limitations of Liability, and Waivers

  • These are exceptions the lawyers make us include to ensure that we are not at risk for significant liabilities. Since we are offering the Service free of charge, we hope you’ll understand.
  • Whenever we make any updates to these Terms, we will update them here and do our best to communicate any material changes to our users.